Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience

Standard mode provides a perfect reproduction of the legendary CE-2 sound

CE-1 mode features chorus and vibrato, authentically reproducing the two stereo sound modes in the world’s first chorus pedal

Includes new sounds not available in the original pedals, including CE-2 stereo output and variable depth for CE-1 chorus sounds

Rate and Depth knobs provide fine sound adjustment in both pedal modes

Premium all-analog circuitry with bucket-brigade (BBD) delay line

Made in Japan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS effects

In 2016, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS innovation, the original analogue chorus sounds are now reborn with the Waza Craft CE-2W. The CE-2W’s Standard mode faithfully recreates the classic CE-2 chorus sound, and adds an expansive new sound field with stereo output, which was unavailable in the mono CE-2. CE-1 mode fully reproduces the stereo chorus and vibrato sounds of the legendary CE-1, with the addition of variable chorus depth not available in the original pedal. To commemorate the birth of BOSS effects, the CE-2W is made exclusively in Japan, just as the original CE-1 and CE-2 were.