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Mid-Range V-Drums Powered by SuperNATURAL

The groundbreaking TD-30 V-Drums kit was the first in history to offer SuperNATURAL sounds and Behavior Modeling. Today, the middle range of the V-Drums family inherits this acclaimed technology with the debut of the TD-15KV V-Tour kit. Drummers can now experience flagship SuperNATURAL performance, authenticity, and expression in a more affordable and compact format.

- New sensing technology with Behavior Modeling provides an expressive and natural drumming experience
- Diverse sound library covers a wide variety of musical genres
- Professionally recorded backing songs onboard, ideal for play-along practice and performance
- QUICK EDIT buttons provide instant editing control over tuning, muffling, and snare strainer
- Practice features include Quick Record/Quick Play, plus a unique COACH function that helps players of all levels build drumming skills effectively
- Large LCD and icon-driven user interface for easy operation
- Assignable CLICK out, illuminated value dial ring, and function buttons enhance professional live use
- USB function provides direct connectivity to computer applications, as well as data backup and playback of WAV and MP3 audio songs
- New lightweight mesh PDX-100 V-Pads for snare and floor tom
- Chrome-look mesh PD-85BK V-Pads for high toms
- Superb hi-hat expressiveness with VH-11 V-Hi-Hat

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