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The EBS Session 60 features a 10” speaker and a tweeter. It sounds great straight from the box and offers controls for GainBassTreble and Volume to further dial in the tone.Character and Enhance filters allow further adjustments, making it easy to find your own personal sound. The XLR Output makes it possible to use it live on a larger stage as well as in the studio. With the monitor RCA Input jacks with mix-in filter and stereo headphones out you can practice whenever you want.


Configuration 1x 10″ + 2″
Frequency Response 60 – 18k Hz
Power Rating 60 W RMS
Height 34 cm / 13.5″
Width 38 cm / 14.8″
Depth 39.5 cm / 15.6″
Weight 16 kg / 36 lbs

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