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The EBS Session 120 is the ultimate “weekend warrior” bass combo with excellent tone and all the necessary features to cover any gig. The amp itself is powerful enough to provide great monitor sound on stage and in the rehearsal room, and portable enough to fit in any type of car. It is sporting an easy to dial in, powerful EQ, and a XLR Output for professional live and studio use that extends the possibility to use it on larger stages as well. The EBS Classic Session 120 is a step up compared to the Session 60, although still based on the same concept. This means a tilt-back bass combo with a tone character similar to the EBS Classic 450 bass head. The result is a full bodied, warm bass sound with great punch and bottom. The Session 120 shares all its features with the Session 60. Add to that an extended EQ with Mid control, twice the power, and a 12” speaker fitted in a larger cabinet for better bass response and bigger tone.


Configuration 1x 12″ + 2″
Frequency Response 45 – 18k Hz
Power Rating 120 W RMS
Height 40 cm / 15.8″
Width 43.5 cm / 17.1″
Depth 45.5 cm / 17.9″
Weight 21 kg / 47 lbs

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