• MA-15d
ราคาตั้ง 8,500 บาท

High Performance Desktop Monitors in Wooden Cabinets

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  • Pair of 15 W + 15 W Powered Desktop Monitors
  • 100 mm (4″) Woofers & 50 mm (2″) Tweeters with 2-Way Bass Reflex Enclosure
  • Genuine Wooden Cabinets
  • Keep pristine digital sound, up to 24-bit/192 kHz with Digital Inputs
  • 3 Input Sources: Stereo mini phone type Line-in, RCA (L, R), and Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs
  • Bass Enhancer (*)
  • Independent Bass, Treble, and Volume 1 & 2 Controls
  • 1/4″ Headphones Jack
  • Magnetically-shielded
  • Sub Woofer Output for Extended Low Frequencies
* What is the Bass Enhancer?The Bass Enhancer found in the MA-15D Stereo Monitors lets the user hear bass frequencies not normally audible through speakers this size. The Bass Enhancer is a DSP chip programmed using psychoacoustic principles that converts low frequencies into a series of overtones which the human ear cannot distinguish from the original low frequencies. This allows the listener to perceive bass frequencies outside of the normal range of the speaker cone, without over-driving the woofer. With the Bass Enhancer, the MA-15D Stereo Monitors offer a strong low-end in a very compact set of reference monitors.

[Brand Information]
The new “Cakewalk by Roland” MA-15D replaces the same product previously branded “EDIROL by Roland” from second half of 2009. These new Cakewalk branded products share the same excellent features and high performance that you expect from EDIROL branded units.

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