• LIVE 615
ราคาตั้ง 19,000 บาท
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ตู้ลำโพง 2 ทาง Active , 300 watts RMS, 15″ LF Driver, 1″ Titanium Compression Driver,XLR input, 2 – band EQ level contorl


Excellent design and high quality components in all-plywood cabinets are what makeSamson’s new Live! Active PA enclosures the ideal choice in a small to medium loudspeaker system. Perfect for portable or installation applications, the Live! series features advanced amplifier design, high power-handling speaker components, EQ sections designed specifically for the speakers and separate speaker processing for both highs and lows. The durable, lightweight construction also ensures years of solid performance with a great looking enclosure that will complement any sound system perfectly.The Live! 615 delivers 250 watts to its custom designed, 15-inch low frequency driver, which features oversize motors and large voice coils. Another 50 watts is delivered to the high frequency compression driver with its titanium diaphragm for an exceptionally articulate response. The Live! series enclosures also employ exclusive Optimax circuitry which divides audio into two separate bands and applies an independent compressor/limiter to each, resulting in maximum volume level without distortion or clipping. Perfect for live music applications, house of worship, theatrical or club installations, the Live! Series from Samson offers a wide range of configurations and are a great choice for high performance loudspeakers.



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