• AURO D1228 ALL
ราคาตั้ง 40,000 บาท
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ชุด PA Active Speaker และ Subwoofer กำลังขยายรวม 1,100 วัตต์


The Pro PA Package.

Samson’s Auro D1228 Performer Pack offers tremendous value in a single box, giving performers everything they need to establish a professional PA setup. Encompassing the key elements of power, portability and exceptional sound, the Auro D1228 features two Auro D208 2-Way Active Loudspeakers, an Auro D1200 Active Subwoofer, a pair of LS40 Speaker Stands and four Tourtek XLR Cables (2 x 10′, 2 x 20′). It’s the ideal performance package for DJs, bands, singer-songwriters and other live sound reinforcement applications in smaller venues, such as house parties and intimate concerts.



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